A new startup promises to simplify the process of protecting your online privacy across social networks—all in one place.

Jumbo lets you adjust more than 30 different Facebook privacy settings with a single “smart privacy” slider. Increasing your privacy level will adjust your settings in Facebook, but it will never make them looser than you’ve already set. The full list of settings adjusted by Jumbo is available on its website.

Tweets older than a specified time span can be automatically deleted by Jumbo, which the service claims restores ephemerality to online conversations and reduces the risk of old tweets being taken out of context. Before deleting the tweets, Jumbo archives them in the app, but a way to export them has yet to be built.

The app also allows you to scrub your Google search history and Alexa voice recordings of your requests. Jumbo promises that all these processes are run on your phone—not its servers or the cloud—so it never sees any of the personal data you’re protecting.

Jumbo is currently available on iPhone with reported plans to launch on Android. Features to clean Instagram and Tinder profiles are also in the works, according to TechCrunch.