We’re nearing the end of the legislative session, and the Texas Capitol is a flurry of activity as thousands of bills make their way through the process to become law.

But there are still have a few weeks until the regular session of the 86th Texas Legislature ends on May 27, so we can’t stop fighting.

This session, Texas REALTORS® has provided public testimony in support of several issues to protect the Texas real estate industry, including property tax and school finance reform, ending forced municipal annexation, and supporting disaster relief and response.

We’ve also provided written testimony with research and data about the Texas real estate industry. And we’ve even opposed legislation that would harm private property rights.

Occasionally, fellow REALTORS® ask me who sets our association’s legislative agenda.

I tell them it’s you.

Dozens of dedicated Texas REALTORS® members serve on the committees that determine which issues we’ll support or oppose on behalf of Texas property owners.

The association’s four Public Policy Issues Committees and the Public Policy Oversight Committee are tasked with researching and analyzing policy proposals to determine their potential impact on real estate and property buyers, sellers, and renters.

During interim years between legislative sessions, these hardworking volunteers put in hundreds of hours to make recommendations to the Public Policy Oversight Committee, which recommends a slate of policy positions to the Executive Board for ultimate approval before a legislative session begins.

If you’re interested in contributing to the association’s public policy agenda, now is the time to step up and volunteer to serve on a Texas REALTORS® committee for 2020.

These committees are your chance to lead your association’s future, and there’s one for just about every interest.

Sign up is open now, but you have until June 21 to apply.

Visit texasrealestate.com/committees to see the list of more than 20 committees and submit 
your application.

Ours is a member-driven organization, and we only move forward because of members like you who are willing to volunteer your time and expertise.