The new consumer-focused blog Current Topics provides a steady stream of reliable content to share with your clients. It’s free to use on your website or social media channels and promotes Texas REALTORS® as the experts to trust. “I very much appreciate these articles and will be pointing people to them from our blog,” Randall White wrote. “Awesome!” added Ben Huynh. Check out the Current Topics blog and sign up on the right side of the blog homepage for email notifications when a new article is posted.

Members were also excited about a Texas law going into effect in July that allows for documents to be notarized online. “It’s about time,” wrote Carla Hamm. While Ann Richards wrote she’d be more comfortable if documents were notarized in person for such an important transaction, Richard Perry pointed out that contracts are already often signed online.

Rich Martin wrote that he may rethink his listing presentation because of an Advice for REALTORS® blog post about leading with your conclusion. “When I listen to a sales pitch, I always rush the sales person to get to the conclusion,” he wrote. Peggy West agreed and wrote that she’s been practicing this technique for some time. “Now that is good advice,” added Myra Dennis.