Getting involved in the political side of real estate helps your clients, fellow REALTORS®, your industry, and all of Texas. The more REALTORS® who participate, the better the political climate will be for property rights and the real estate industry. And that helps everyone.

What are you waiting for? Get involved today with these strategies.

Participate in REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol

Come to Austin March 22 and advocate for the real estate issues that matter to you and your clients. During REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol, thousands of REALTORS® and association representatives will connect with state lawmakers and lawmakers’ staff to discuss important real estate topics.

Meet the Candidates

Do political hopefuls support the real estate industry? Participate in the candidate interviews at your local board and help decide which political candidates support property rights and deserve TREPAC support.

Apply to Join a Committee

Which issues should the association work on? You can help chart the course with your firsthand experience. The association needs to hear from members from every corner of the state. Texas REALTORS® accepts applications to more than two dozen committees, such as the four Public Policy committees: Business Issues, Infrastructure, Taxation, and Land Use. Consider listing more than one committee you’d like to serve on in case the association cannot connect you with your top pick.

Stay Current on What’s Happening

Get the latest information by signing up for the Legislative Liaison newsletter at

And Of Course, Vote!

In every election, REALTORS® go to the polls in huge numbers. That keeps real estate a priority in the minds of elected leaders. Be sure to review REALTOR® election guides to learn which candidates have earned REALTOR® support.

Address Local Issues

What happens in your market can affect real estate statewide. If you think a proposed local ordinance could set a bad precedent—or if you think one could help real estate—inform the Texas REALTORS® Issues Political Action Committee. TRIP can offer funding or association assistance. Contact