It can be hard to let go. But by training others to lighten your workload, you can better focus your attention on reaching your business goals. Try these approaches to make delegating easier:

Start Small

This isn’t the time to offload a high-stakes, time-sensitive project. Instead, let someone else update your website or take care of administrative work so that you can meet with more clients or update your business plan.

Remember, It’s a Process

Mistakes might happen, and responsibilities you handled could take someone else longer to get done in the beginning. However, once the task is learned, having the extra time for listing presentations will be worth it.

Offer Your Wisdom

Share the tricks you have learned along the way to make the assignment easier and more efficient. Being a mentor can be satisfying and great for relationship and team building.

Express Confidence

Check in for peace of mind but don’t micromanage. Instead, empower the person you chose to take ownership of the work. Trust that people you delegate to will come to you with any questions.

Give Recognition

Credit the person for taking on a new challenge and share how it helped you focus your priorities. Learning how it had a positive impact is good for morale and can create a willingness to take on future tasks.