Virtual tours, photos, and other technology make it increasingly possible for buyers to get a feel for a property without ever physically visiting it. Still, there are characteristics of a home that can only truly be experienced in person. When buyers choose to close a transaction without ever touring the home, there are two existing Texas REALTORS® forms where you can note that decision.

Buyer’s Walk-Through and Acceptance (TXR 1925) has a section to indicate if the buyer has walked through the property or has chosen not to. The form also states that the buyer accepts the property in its current condition. By requesting that the buyer sign this form with the appropriate box checked, you get clear written documentation that the buyer chose to proceed with the transaction despite not having visited the property.

General Information and Notice to Buyers and Sellers (TXR 1506) provides helpful information on a number of topics, including a paragraph titled Inspections, Repairs, and Walk-Through. This paragraph notes that buyers should not only have the property inspected by a professional but should accompany the inspector during the inspection. It also states that buyers should walk through the property prior to closing to ensure that repairs and other contractual provisions have been met.

Though buyers may still decide to close on a home they have never visited, these forms document that you provided information about the importance of in-person visits and note the buyer’s decision to skip this step.