The Texas REALTORS® Legal Fund provides financial assistance and other legal support for members who have been sued or need to bring legal action. But even if you never need Legal Fund help, you reap enormous benefits from this Texas REALTORS® program.

How does assistance for some other REALTOR® benefit you? That’s the entire point of the program. The Legal Fund provides financial and other legal assistance when litigation involves an issue that could affect all REALTORS® in the state. Favorable outcomes in these cases set precedent for the future.

For example, with backing from the Legal Fund, REALTORS® have successfully stood up to a patent troll targeting REALTORS® and prevailed against claims that a REALTOR® has a duty to verify the accuracy of square-footage data obtained from an appraisal district. These are just a few of the many cases supported by the Texas REALTORS® Legal Fund over the years.

If you are involved in litigation that could affect all REALTORS® in the state or the real estate industry as a whole, you may be eligible for assistance. Learn more about how to apply at