You have a picture on your phone that you’d like to use or share if only it looked … well, better. You can enhance photos on your iPhone, and you don’t have to resort to a third-party app.

Open the photo you want to modify and tap the Edit option. Tap the wand icon to see if that one-touch enhancement gives you the results you want. If not, tap the wand again to revert to the original. You can now use one of the following options:

    • Filters (the icon with three overlapping circles) provides presets, such as Vivid and Silvertone
    • Crop & rotate (the icon with a square and arrows) allows you to zoom in on your shot or change its angle
    • Settings (an icon that looks like a dial) gives you the ability to adjust how bright the photos is and play with the colors.

Once you like what you see, tap Done. And if you ever want a redo, go back into the Edit mode and tap Revert.