Two components comprise a good marketing video: an engaging topic and a method of distribution. Here are suggestions for subjects to focus on in your videos plus tips to get them in front of potential clients.

What are you going to talk about?

    • Share industry expertise. What’s happening in your market? Use resources like the Texas REALTORS® MarketViewer ( to put together regular updates on the type of data of
      interest to buyers and sellers.
    • Explain concepts. What’s a seller’s disclosure? What happens during a home inspection? You know so much about real estate transactions that you forget how foreign certain concepts are.
    • Record testimonials. Instead of telling viewers how great you are, let other people do it. Ask past clients to provide short clips of reasons why they’ll work with you again. You can package them together or use them individually.

How will people see your videos?

You’re probably uploading your videos to YouTube or Vimeo and embedding them on your website. But don’t rely on people to come looking for them.

Use Instagram and Facebook Stories to promote engagement with potential clients via video. Both channels put stories at the top of the apps—an attention-grabbing spot—and there isn’t yet much competition in the space.

Stories on both platforms can contain multiple videos to communicate a message and will disappear in 24 hours. You can link your Facebook and Instagram business profiles to push your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories.