As the largest commercial real estate firms have shown, the benefit of social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to brokers may lie in brand building rather than marketing individual properties. Even small- and medium-sized firms have been able to build followings by highlighting what their businesses do well. Follow their lessons to engage your network and showcase your own brokerage.

Celebrate your clients and their success

Does your client have a new, buzzy tenant? Is there press for a business tied to your client? Publicizing those articles on Facebook or posting new build-outs on Instagram puts your clients in a good light and reflects well on you.

Showcase expertise in your sector

If you specialize in infill development, for example, post about projects you admire from other markets with why you think they’re good models. Demonstrate the insights that make you effective in your market segment.

Highlight your own team

Give your followers a behind-the-scenes view of your team on site, profile team members, highlight speaking engagements by your leaders or accolades you receive. Show potential clients who they’d be working with.