How to Work Better With Different Generations

Some say age is just a number, but that number places you in a particular generation. Whether you identify with your generation or not, there are a lot of events and trends that shaped you and others of a similar age. That doesn’t mean that each member of a generation is the same.

As a REALTOR®, you work with people across the generational spectrum. While clients may have qualities and preferences that stray from yours due to a generational difference, each person is an individual first. You may have more in common than you thought. Here are some ways to connect when working with clients of a different generation than yours.

Let Go of Stereotypes

While stereotypes are often not true and can be harmful, they occasionally slip into our minds. Be aware of preconceived ideas you may have so you can combat them. When first meeting a client, get to know that person as an individual without basing your assumptions on age or appearance. Don’t automatically presume young clients prefer communicating over text, and don’t assume that older clients aren’t proficient with the latest technology. Go into each interaction with a prospect or new client with an open mind so you can best meet your client’s needs.

Search for Similarities, Not Differences

It can be easier to recognize the differences you have with someone else, so try focusing on what you have in common. There are likely some things you and your clients can bond over. If you’re having trouble relating to your client, find out what they’re interested in. Whether it’s favorite foods, sports, entertainment, or activities, you may discover something you can connect through. Searching for similarities can help you foster a better relationship with your client and improve your communication and overall experience with each other.

Be Willing to Learn

It can be challenging to learn new things. However, whether you’re figuring out TikTok or working on your handwriting for personal notes, keeping an open mind will benefit you and your clients. You will expand your skillset, which allows you to meet the needs of a wider array of prospects. Your clients will appreciate your efforts and may even be more likely to refer you to others. You may find that you actually prefer new techniques to your previous ways of communicating and working with people from every generation.