Sharing pictures on Instagram can be great exposure for your real estate business. However, since Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links on individual posts, you could be losing out on potential clients. Try these three ways to make it easier for your audience to learn more about you and your business.

Maximize Your “Link in Bio.” A link service tool, such as or Lnk.Bio, makes it possible to showcase multiple links from your single profile link. Depending on the template or plan you choose, there are options to customize the landing page with your logo and images from your Instagram posts. In addition, some plans offer tracking and other analytics.

Add a Sticker. Instagram Stories are a fun way to give a virtual tour of a home or show the behind-the-scenes of a listing. When creating a story, select the link icon at the top of the navigation bar, choose a sticker image, and add a link. The sticker will pop up during the story for the viewer to tap.

Utilize Short Links. Even though typing a link in a caption won’t actually work as a hyperlink, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add one. Short URL generators like Bitly and TinyUrl will transform long links into short links that users can type or cut and paste into a web browser.

Whatever way you choose to add links on your Instagram account, be sure to use clear instructions such as click here to schedule a call, tap to learn more, or copy this link into your browser. Also, make sure to always follow TREC rules, the Code of Ethics, and fair housing laws.