Emails are a great way to share new listings and the latest market updates. However, while informative, they lack a personal touch. To reach out in a more meaningful way, try sending handwritten notes.

Customize It. The message doesn’t have to be long, but it should be specific to the individual. For example, share something new about a neighborhood or local event that your prospective or current client has shown interest in.

Offer Gratitude. Besides a thank you card for a referral or after a closing, express that you value their time. Send a note of appreciation following a meeting or an open house.

Stay Connected. There doesn’t always have to be an occasion. A quick note to check in, to say that you are looking forward to catching up, or that you are available to help is another way to stay top of mind.

While emails have their place, taking the time to create personalized handwritten notes will help you stand out and build stronger relationships.