Property managers can use the Pool/Spa Maintenance Addendum (TXR 2010) with the Residential Lease (TXR 2001) for single-family residences. By using this form, landlords can limit their liability related to use of the pool or spa and clearly specify the tenant’s maintenance requirements. The form provides that the tenant will maintain proper water heights; empty and clean skimmers and pool sweeps at least once a week; properly operate pool equipment; and take necessary precautions to prevent the freezing of pipes, pool equipment, and pool water. In addition, the tenant must ensure compliance with safety requirements, such as keeping unsupervised children, adults under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and glass containers and objects away from the pool or spa. Furthermore, the tenant must maintain a liability insurance policy of no less than $300,000 for losses related to the pool or spa while the lease is in effect. The Pool/Spa Maintenance Addendum is one of more than 130 forms exclusively available to Texas REALTORS®.