Your membership in Texas REALTORS® includes many benefits, and not all of them are discounts and coupon codes. You reap tremendous rewards from the association’s legislative and regulatory efforts, legal protections, educational opportunities, and consumer advertising. The association also offers value in other ways to help you and your clients. Here are examples you may not know about.

You Can Call Back

The Texas REALTORS® Legal Hotline (800-873-9155) is a popular benefit—and you can use it as much as you want. You can even call multiple times during the same day, which can be helpful when a transaction takes unexpected turns and you need information. And if you want to find answers to many common questions, check out more than 400 legal FAQs at

The Best Real Estate Market Data Around

People love data that helps them understand their market, but there are so many sources and statistics, it’s hard to know which ones are relevant. That’s why Texas REALTORS® created MarketViewer ( exclusively for members. This powerful, intuitive tool lets you customize market statistics you and your clients are looking for. MarketViewer uses advanced analytics to correct MLS input errors and eliminate duplicate listings to provide the most accurate data available.

Content Ready for You to Share

Content marketing is a great way to get in front of potential clients and stay top of mind with previous ones. But creating or finding that content takes time. As a member of Texas REALTORS®, you get loads of turnkey consumer-focused content. Download “Share This” PDFs that explain aspects of real estate transactions (, share posts from the consumer-focused Current Topics blog (, or use content posted on the Texas REALTORS® Facebook (@texasrealtors), Twitter (@txrealtors), or Instagram (@txrealtors) feeds.

See Who’s Got Your Back

Not all elected officials keep your interests in mind when making decisions. That’s why Texas REALTORS® monitors which ones support real estate issues and which ones don’t. And the association created so you can see who on your ballot does support real estate issues. The site is updated when there are local or state elections.

Language is Not an Obstacle

The Texas REALTORS® forms library has 130-plus forms exclusively available to you and your clients. And to help your clients who may feel more comfortable using a language other than English, the association has translations of the most popular forms in Spanish and Vietnamese—the most common languages spoken in Texas after English.

To make sure you are maximizing the dozens of benefits you receive as a member of Texas REALTORS®, visit