You just sold a house or found the dream home for your buyer. It’s time to celebrate your client’s success and your hard work. On your social media channels, add a memorable photo from the special day and tag your client. Not only will it be a wonderful reminder for them, but it is also an excellent testimonial for prospective customers.

Here are a few ideas on capturing the moment:

  • Use props in photos Have your clients hold up giant keys, enormous Just Sold banners, signs with a fun message, or have them pose inside house-shaped photo frames.
  • Show their emotion Get pictures of them jumping in the air, hugging next to the sold sign, or smiling next to the front door.
  • Make the photos pop Use the social media app filters or a free photo editor like Canva to add a border, celebratory images, or captions.
  • Video Create a short Instagram or Facebook story of the walk-through or at closing. Utilize Instagram’s boomerang feature to loop a quick action like shaking hands or signing a piece of paper.
  • Tagging Tag your clients in your photos so their friends and family can see. Also, ask your clients to tag you when they post their photos. You can then share the pictures on your channels.
  • Add a brief story In the text of your post, share the background and highlights of your client’s journey.

Of course, before tagging your client or posting your clients’ photo on social media, always obtain their written permission. To avoid a possible ethics complaint or lawsuit, do not share any private information like the sales price, address, or pictures of their children.