The National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals recently released its 2020-21 LGBT Real Estate Report. Here are some highlights:

LGBT Americans represent 4.5% of the U.S. population

Renters who would like to own a home:

  • Lesbians 74%
  • Gay Men 73%
  • Bisexuals 68%
  • Gender Expansive 66%

Top reasons LGBT renters want to become homeowners:

  • 70%, Stop paying rent to someone else
  • 54%, Freedom and control to decorate my personal space
  • 53%, Financial investment for my future
  • 50%, Provide my life/family more stability

49% Homeownership rate among LGBT Americans

65% Homeownership rate for all Americans

64% of LGBT people with children are homeowners

72% of surveyed real estate professionals reported that concerns about being welcomed in a new community were impacting the lower LGBT homeownership rate, up from 64% the year before

Loan approval rates for same-sex couples were 3-8% lower than for heterosexual couples

46% of renters fear discrimination when buying

13% experienced discrimination

4% reported discrimination

53% of LGBT renters have moved four or more times over the last 10 years