A study from apartment search website RENTCafe ranks cities across the country by how spacious apartments are on a per person basis.

The study takes the average square feet of units in large-scale apartment developments—those with 50 units or more—and divides that figure by the average household size of renters in apartments per the U.S. Census Bureau. Nationwide, each resident of a large-scale apartment development can expect 526 square feet of space on average.

In Texas, apartment renters in Lubbock have the most elbow room, at 567 square feet per person, thanks to an average apartment size of 920 square feet and average household size of 1.6 people. With the smallest average apartment size (810 square feet) and a tie for the largest household size per apartment (2 people), El Paso ranks last among the Texas cities in the study at 397 square feet per person. (Dividing average apartment size by average household may give different results due to household average rounding).

Texas cities in the study ranked by space per person:

  1. Lubbock: 567 square feet
  2. Plano: 561 square feet
  3. Corpus Christi: 559 square feet
  4. Dallas: 538 square feet
  5. Fort Worth: 538 square feet
  6. San Antonio: 511 square feet
  7. Austin: 504 square feet
  8. Houston: 487 square feet
  9. Arlington: 463 square feet
  10. Garland: 461 square feet
  11. Irving: 435 square feet
  12. El Paso: 397 square feet.

The study is available at rentcafe.com.