Guy Chipman, chairman of Texas REALTORS® in 1983, passed away at his home in Boerne on May 3 at the age of 100. Chipman was born in Georgia in 1919 and grew up at military posts and bases where his father was stationed before receiving an Army Reserve Commission himself in 1939. He spent nearly five years with armored cavalry units during World War II and was a real estate officer for the Army Corps of Engineers during the Korean War. After being discharged, he started the Guy Chipman Company, REALTORS® and quickly become a prominent broker in San Antonio.

During his term as chairman, the association successfully lobbied for legislation that established the Texas Real Estate Broker-Lawyer Committee, an advisory body to the Texas Real Estate Commission that reviews all promulgated contracts.

A proponent of creating forms that protected buyers, sellers, and agents, Chipman went on to serve as co-chairman of the Broker-Lawyer Committee for 19 years. He also published many opinion pieces and legal articles in Texas REALTOR® magazine over the years.

“Guy Chipman was an outstanding leader for the REALTOR® association,” said Texas REALTORS® President/CEO Travis Kessler. “He had tremendous influence on raising the professionalism of our industry, and was instrumental in the development and refinement of standardized forms in Texas that made real estate transactions better for agents and their clients.”