Your marketing efforts encourage people to contact you—don’t make it hard for them. Build an attractive landing page with the sole purpose of collecting contact information from leads. When done well, landing pages will convert someone’s interest in your services into a useful lead. Here are tips to help your landing page boost your business.

Don’t use your homepage

Take a look at your website’s homepage and count the things it’s trying to accomplish: introducing you and your business, featuring your listings, promoting your community, offering market information, and maybe more. Users on a homepage are encouraged to explore and gather information, not provide their contact information on a form.

Be consistent with your message and design

If the marketing emails and ads that link to your landing page promote you as Your Smithtown Agent, your landing page better say Your Smithtown Agent. Similarly, if those emails and ads have a blue background and feature your headshot, the landing page should contain those elements and mimic the design of the ads and emails. Matching your message and design lets a user know that he arrived at the correct place—he made a “good” click.

Focus on your call for action

A landing page should be clean and simple, with prominent boxes for entering a name, email address, and phone number. Repeat your marketing message on the page but avoid the clutter of additional, unnecessary copy or graphics. Someone who’s clicked to reach your landing page is likely receptive to your message and ready to provide his or her contact information.

Consider a page separate from your website

Directing leads to a dedicated Contact Us page on your site is an option. Or, if you use an email marketing program or customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can create landing pages in those programs for your email marketing messages. Customize your page to match your marketing using the program’s templates, and the page will feed lead data directly to your email list.