You want to emphasize the best qualities of your listings, and that includes nearby amenities. But don’t assume everyone who reads your listing knows that “Short walk to Pleasant Town Park!” is a benefit to the property. Out-of-town buyers especially may have never heard of local attractions like that park and don’t know why they’re mentioned as a selling point.

When writing about nearby amenities, think how you’d explain them to someone new to the area. Providing more details about those amenities can also illustrate a lifestyle prospective buyers may enjoy if they purchased the property.

For the park, try, “You’re just a two-minute journey from the neighborhood’s hottest destination, Pleasant Town Park! Swim in the park’s free pool, play tennis, or simply relax with a book in the shaded picnic area.”

Those extra details can help your seller’s home stand out while also attracting prospective buyers who may have otherwise overlooked your listing.