Social media is an excellent way to meet people virtually. While there are a lot of channels to choose from, the social platform Nextdoor can help you increase your exposure within your neighborhood.

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a discussion-style forum that connects people based on their location. On Nextdoor, people ask for recommendations for local businesses, pose questions about area events, share community information, and more.

How do you create an account? There are two options:

Join your neighbors. Visit to create a personal account and enter your residential and email addresses. Once you fill out the form, you will receive an invitation code and instructions on how to verify your address. When your account is active, similar to a Facebook feed, you can create a post or respond to others.

Claim a business page. Nextdoor has an app specifically for small businesses and real estate agents. At, you can create a free business page. The free account allows you to upload photos, a website link, bio, contact information, and showcase recommendations. With the free account, you are limited to two posts a month. For additional features and promotional opportunities, there are several paid advertising options.

Now that you have an account, how can you use Nextdoor to grow your business?

Participate in discussions. When someone posts, you will get an alert in your email. Stay active in the conversations by offering what you know about the current market conditions, construction, or other newsworthy events. Not only will this keep you top of mind, but you will also establish yourself as a source for information.

Get involved. Create an event or volunteer to help promote local events like a community garage sale or park cleanup.

Create a poll. The poll feature is available for both personal and business accounts. Help get conversations started with topics such as asking what type of events your neighbors enjoy, home renovating projects they are interested in, or thoughts on relevant local real estate news. Besides encouraging engagement, polls can help you learn more about your neighbors.

Ask for the business. Blatant self-promotion is not allowed on the Nextdoor free account; however, you can offer your services if someone inquires about buying or selling a home.

Keep it fair: Be mindful of posting content that can be interpreted as discrimination of any of the protected classes under fair housing laws.