Simple eco-friendly changes in your brokerage can lower your expenses, benefit the planet, and boost your reputation with clients who prioritize environmental issues. Here are some easy ways to take the first steps to creating an eco-friendly business.

Recycling’s Great, but Remember the Other Words That Begin With R (Reduce and Reuse)

You can set up recycling bins around the office alongside trash cans to collect plastic, paper, and other recyclable items. Even better, find ways to reduce or reuse items. Stock your breakroom with reusable flatware, dishes, and glasses as opposed to single-use items. Use paperless technologies when possible, and print double-sided documents when you need hard copies.

Get Smart About Lighting and HVAC

Incorporate energy-efficient, motion-sensor lights into your office as well as other eco-friendly technologies, such as smart thermostats that allow you to schedule and control the temperature of the workplace from your smartphone.

Dispose of E-Waste Responsibly

You can trade in some tech items for credit on new equipment. For other electronic gear, check if the manufacturer has a recycling or disposal program. You can also see if your city or local charities want the items or can dispose of them properly.