Local elections have a direct impact on communities; however, they often receive the lowest turnout. That’s where REALTOR® engagement can make a difference.

Many local elections have razor-thin margins. For example, Dana Goolsby won a June runoff for mayor of Palestine by just 11 votes after a recount.

Your vote isn’t the only way to make a difference. Palestine REALTOR® Kristy Wages, who serves as Region 5 member of the Texas REALTORS® Political Involvement Committee (PIC), was an on-the-ground force to help support Goolsby. Wages called and texted voters, held signs at polling places, and organized meet-and-greet events for neighborhoods, all of which increased turnout in support of Goolsby.

“REALTORS® across the state are among the most engaged and most invested in our communities,” said PIC Chairman Jeff Varnell. “And we know that when REALTORS® vote, REALTORS® win.”