Greetings, Texas REALTORS® …

We kicked off our centennial year celebration at our Winter Meeting in Austin by reading the preamble to our Code of Ethics. Of the community impact of our profession, it says, “Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which REALTORS® should dedicate themselves… .”

During that same meeting, we began the process of updating our strategic plan, including further enhancement of a diversity, equity, and inclusion initiative begun years earlier. Since then, the virtual Today, Tomorrow, and Beyond meetings our Leadership Team has held with local associations of REALTORS® and other groups have opened with emphasis on the social responsibility inherent with the exponential growth of our community and public policy influence. Stronger fair-housing initiatives and partnerships were created at all levels of our organization. We enhanced communication and collaboration efforts with strategic cultural partners. Despite these and other efforts, the events of the last few months tell us we still have much to learn from one another and more work to do within our communities.

As community leaders, we are charged with bringing voices of compassion and reason into the difficult social conversations that lie ahead. We are experts at bringing people together. Please continue your amazing work as brokers of equity, inclusion, and diversity. Continue to lead with love and empathy. To our members of color who perform the complex duties of our profession and provide community leadership, often while enduring vestiges of persistent racial inequities, we hear you. We will not forget the stories you have shared with us. We will help you share them with others, and we will all work together to make this world a better place. #ShapingTexas