If you’ve ever wanted to analyze comps while out and about, RPR Mobile makes it easy. RPR Mobile is the app for your phone or tablet, and it’s exclusively available to REALTORS®.

Confirm the Facts

View a property’s public and listing facts. Using the Your Changes tab on the right side, add or update any missing or incorrect data.

Choose Comps

You can select comparable properties for your CMA from a map or list. The map view allows you to zoom in and define a search area. The list view provides details for easier comparisons. You can learn about comparable properties, and you can filter properties based on various criteria or keywords.

Review Comps

Once you select comparable properties, you will see them displayed in rows. You can swipe to review and confirm individual properties.

Generate a Report and Send it

The app will generate a recommended price and recommended price range for the property. You can edit either of these fields or set them to not display. Finally, tap Get Report. The app will notify you when your report is ready. You can choose to send the report to others via email or text directly from RPR Mobile.