Can you rebate part of your commission to a client? Yes.

Texas Real Estate Commission rules allow a license holder to rebate part of her commission to a party in the transaction if certain requirements are met. The license holder must have the written permission of her sponsoring broker and the party she represents. For example, if the buyer’s agent wanted to rebate part of her commission to the seller, she would need the permission of her broker and the buyer. A rebate can’t be used to mislead a broker, lender, title company, or government agency about the transaction or financial resources of the buyer, so the license holder should ensure the appropriate parties are informed of the rebate before closing. Any advertisement offering a rebate must disclose that payment is subject to the consent of the party represented by the license holder. If payment of the rebate is subject to restrictions—such as the use of a certain service provider or the approval of a lender—that must also be disclosed in the ad.