The Texas REALTORS® Issues Mobilization Program is designed to help local REALTOR® associations act on local issues that affect REALTORS® or private property owners. The program provides you with funds or staff support to help fight for or against proposed local ordinances, ballot measures, or other issues.

No issue is too small. We want to help you tackle small problems before they get big. Local associations have received support as small as $250 for one newspaper ad.

It’s never too early. Tell us as soon as you see an issue looming. The sooner we’re able to get involved, the more likely we can make a difference.

Note that Issues Mobilization will not fund or support a campaign that puts one local association at an advantage over another. Also, the committee doesn’t typically approve grants that only pay money to another entity or PAC.

If you know of a local issue that may warrant REALTOR® engagement, contact your association executive and your Texas REALTORS® field representative to determine if the issue is appropriate for Issues Mobilization assistance. Any Texas REALTOR® can identify a local issue; however, all Issues Mobilization applications must originate from a local association of REALTORS®, and the local association president must sign the application. Texas REALTORS® staff can help you complete the application and/or develop a campaign plan.

Representatives from your local association may be asked to present your application and plan to the Issues Mobilization Committee for consideration. The committee acts fast, so your presentation could be scheduled for a conference call within a few days after the application is submitted. If your application is approved, assistance may come in the form of political expertise, strategic guidance, marketing, or funding. Texas REALTORS® staff will work with you throughout the campaign.

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