The real estate industry is competitive, and the market grows more crowded every day. What’s more, customer expectations are always on the rise. Some forward-thinking, innovative companies such as Zipcar and Visa are ahead of the curve by creating “customer success” departments. These departments ensure that:

  • Customers are the number one priority at every turn
  • The company consistently delivers service above and beyond all customer expectations, even if it takes more time or money to do it
  • Customers have an amazing experience when they engage with the company.

How can you make your customers’ experience outstanding?

Be proactive, not reactive

The world of customer satisfaction has historically been about reacting to customers’ problems. But in the new “customer experience” economy, it’s about preventing problems by ensuring the customer experience is outstanding. To provide such an experience, map out the journey customers have with you, from the first time you meet them through every contact point afterwards. This will help you think ahead to prevent problems.

Keep the focus on the customer at all times

It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus on the customer. But remember, it’s ultimately the customer who pays the bills. Keep a reminder on your desk, on your phone, in your car—something as simple as a sticky note with “The customer is always number one.” Or, before you do anything, ask yourself this question: How will this help my customer? When you take care of the customer, other problems take care of themselves.

Do weekly research on above-and-beyond service

Take a little time each week to find examples of how other REALTORS® and even other types of businesses are taking customer experiences to the next level. Then, up your customer-service game with the information you learn.