When your phone vibrates, do you instinctively want to pick it up, no matter what time it is or what you are doing? It can be hard to step away from your phone and other digital devices, especially when used for your business. However, excess screen time can lead to exhaustion and stress. While the real estate business doesn’t have set hours, here are some tips on how to take a break from technology so that you don’t burn out or affect your livelihood:

Do an inventory

Some devices clock how much screen time you’ve accumulated and where you are spending the most time. Are you losing more hours to social media or games than you realize? You can set timers for many apps to warn you or restrict your use after a set period. Better yet, try uninstalling the apps, games, and social sites that are taking a big chunk of your time but aren’t adding any benefit.

Find alternatives

Emails, texts, and voicemails are great ways to reach out. However, you can periodically switch up your outreach with methods that don’t rely on a tech device. For example, send a handwritten note to check in or deliver invitations to an event or open house. The personal touch will set you apart and leave a lasting impression—and give you time away from your gadgets.

Add digital breaks to your schedule

You might not intend to multitask, but your devices can be hard to ignore. You may not realize that you are scrolling through Instagram or checking your email in the middle of a conversation—which could cause you to forget important details or appear disinterested. Instead, block out 15 to 30 minutes periodically to step away from digital devices. Use that break to go outside, have a meal, or focus on the person you are with and enjoy the moment.

Silence the notifications

A quick check of an email while trying to sleep is more disruptive than you think. Just the sound of a notification ping can bring on anxiety. Leave your phone in a different room at night to resist the temptation to check it. If you need your phone nearby for emergencies, you can set it to limit most interruptions with only emergency contacts you designate to break through.

Set the right expectations

Establish your boundaries upfront to manage expectations regarding your availability. For example, include the best time to reach you in your email signature and on your website. Additionally, set up a chatbot or auto-responder for common inquiries when unavailable so you don’t lose a lead or sleep.

While technology is essential for growing your business, streamlining your use and taking breaks can be revitalizing and give you more time to focus on your clients without distractions.