Your client just closed. But that doesn’t mean the business relationship is over. According to the 2020 Profile of Texas Homebuyers and Sellers, 78% of buyers and 72% of sellers said they would use the same agent again. However, only 13% of buyers and 27% of sellers used an agent they had worked with in the past. Whether your clients just sold or are moving in, here are seven ways to keep connected to have a better chance of repeat or referral business.

  • Deliver the Closing Gift. Go the extra step to deliver a closing gift when your clients move in or before they move out.
  • Get Feedback. Send out a satisfaction survey using a free tool like SurveyMonkey to find out how you did. Don’t forget to address any issues or questions immediately.
  • Acknowledge Noteworthy Dates. Besides showing appreciation for their business with a handwritten thank you, consider sending personalized cards on holidays, birthdays, and their closing date anniversary.
  • Call Them. It doesn’t have to be long. A quick check-in to find out how they are doing and to share any notable news can help build and strengthen your relationship.
  • Add Value. Sending a monthly e-newsletter is a great way to stay top of mind, but no one likes spam. Share information specific to them, such as a list of places to explore in the area, helpful how-to tips, and the latest local marketing trends. Don’t be afraid to ask your clients what they would find valuable.
  • Engage Online. If you haven’t already, connect with your clients on social media. Not only is it a great way to stay in contact, but it is also an easy way to interact informally.
  • Make a Date. Catch up with your clients in person. Ask them to volunteer with you at your favorite charity for the day, invite them to an event (even virtual ones) you are hosting, or ask them out for coffee.

The growth of your real estate business is dependent on creating strong, trusted relationships. So, regardless of how you continue to touch base, be consistent and genuine in your contact.