Whether you need to finish an assignment for work or take some time for yourself, sometimes the traditional Do Not Disturb setting isn’t sufficient in blocking smartphone distractions. The new Focus feature on Android 10 and Apple’s iOS 15 offers a customizable experience when it comes to placing your notifications on pause, whereas the original Do Not Disturb setting had an all or nothing approach. Here’s how you can personalize this new tool to help you tune out from tech interruptions at work, driving, or any other part of your day.

Android Phones

You can find the Digital Wellbeing icon in your app drawer, Settings, or you can download it as an app. This is where you’ll find Focus Mode, which allows you to manage alerts and schedule time to be off your phone for personal or professional reasons. You can create a “Distracting Apps List,” temporarily silence phone calls, and set timers for specific apps with this feature. You’re also able to decide who can and cannot contact you when Focus Mode is turned on.


You can access Apple’s Focus setting through your Control Center or Settings. Work, personal, and sleep Focus categories come with the update, but you can easily add as many categories as desired. You control which apps and contacts are available to you when each category is turned on, and these can vary between categories. If you decide to share your Focus settings across all the devices on your iCloud, your contacts will be able to see if you’re unavailable. Also, you’re able to set a schedule for each Focus category, have it automatically activated based on your location, or you can turn Focus mode on manually.