The Registration Agreement Between Brokers (TXR 2402) can be used to share or split a fee or commission when the property is not listed in an MLS and thus would not be subject to an unconditional offer to pay a commission. The form names the listing/principal and cooperating brokers, as well as the property in question. The two parties agree to a cooperating broker fee for sales, leases, renewals, or subsequent sales to a tenant. The form includes instructions about when to pay the cooperating broker fee, and how much to pay. The listing/principal broker is not obligated to pay the cooperating broker until the fee is earned, meaning when the prospect (or a related party) has entered into a binding agreement to buy or lease all or part of the property at any price. This form can be used in residential, commercial, and farm transactions. This is one of more than 130 forms exclusively available to Texas REALTORS®.