Find out which candidates in the March 3 primaries support your business.

Primary elections let you decide who you want on the November ballot … but how do you know which candidates support you?

You visit

This interactive website lists the REALTOR®-supported candidates on your ballot, as determined by REALTORS®.

First, local REALTOR® associations interview candidates. Then, they tell the Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee (TREPAC) who they recommend because of the candidates’ support of private property rights and a strong real estate industry.

Don’t miss your chance to play an integral role in the political process.

Opportunity Races on Your Ballot

Texas REALTORS® is conducting opportunity races for the following candidates, who are all facing contested primaries:

  • Senate District 27 – Eddie Lucio Jr.
  • House District 2 – Dan Flynn
  • House District 30 – Geanie Morrison
  • House District 38 – Eddie Lucio III
  • House District 72 – Drew Darby
  • House District 106 – Jared Patterson

What is an Opportunity Race?

When a local association identifies an election that could use extra support to ensure the candidate is elected, local REALTOR® leaders work with the state association to engage in what’s known as an opportunity race.

This program allows the state association to provide resources that encourage REALTORS® to support certain candidates because they support real estate interests.

See the TREPAC-supported candidates on your March 3 ballot at