Have a goal in mind? Great. Now start writing. Otherwise, your goal may fade into the background while you attend to the daily grind.

Start by defining what you would like to accomplish. Writing it down forces you to focus on specifics.

Include details of how you will get there. You now have a game plan. The plan may change as you progress, but you can write that down, too.

On a regular basis, add notes about what you’ve learned that will move you closer to your goal as well as obstacles that are making it difficult to achieve. Again, provide details of how you plan to leverage opportunities or overcome challenges.

It doesn’t matter whether you write in a journal, on a dry-erase board, or in an app—what’s important is that you have a spot that keeps your goal top of mind. With a defined objective, steps for how to get there, and your thoughts and lessons learned along the way, you will write your way to success.