Are you agile?

Named a top marketing trend of 2019 by IBM, agile marketing takes its cue from software development practices of the same name to create marketing programs and experiences that adapt to consumers.
In a survey of 803 chief marketing officers, research firm Gartner found that 89% said their companies embrace some form of agile marketing. And according to IBM, the adoption of agile marketing practices will accelerate in 2019.

Learn more in IBM’s 2019 Marketing Report.

Turn a photo into a sketch, or pick a pleasing palette

Adobe Capture is a free app for phones and tablets that complements programs like Photoshop and Illustrator. But the utility also has many useful features you can use on their own.

Ward Arendt, broker and co-owner of Marilyn Arendt Properties in Houston, was playing around with the app when he realized he could make a keepsake for clients buying. “I took a picture and used Capture to create an outline … then I colored it in and got it blown up and printed.” His clients were tech-savvy, but they thought Arendt had actually painted a picture of the house. “They were blown away,” he remembers.

Arendt now uses that same illustration technique to create a lead-in picture for all his listings. “We got a lot more hits with it,” he says.

Another Adobe Capture feature assesses what colors match or complement existing items. “I can use my phone to precisely pick out colors from a rug or another furnishing that an interior designer or stager can use,” Arendt says.

By exploring the app’s functions and checking out YouTube tutorials, Arendt continues to find new ways to guide clients to make homes more sellable or livable. “If they want to repaint, I tell them to find a house with colors you like … we can snap a picture, take it to the paint store, and get a great match.”

Don’t make these 3 social media mistakes

Not linking to your Facebook business page. Link to your business page in the footer of your website, in your email signature, and from the About Me section of your personal profile in the work section. The more people you direct to the page and the greater following you build, the more useful the page becomes.

Not adding context to the content you share. Don’t just share a link; explain to consumers and potential clients why the information you share matters to them.

Leaving outdated information on your profile. Make a list of all your social media profiles and pages and go through them one-by-one whenever you switch brokerages, use a new DBA, or change contact information to make sure you aren’t leaving any old information published.