Avoid overstepping your bounds

The November issue of Texas REALTOR® included an article about the fine line of a buyer’s agent working directly with a seller at the request of the listing broker. Bonnie Wilson of San Antonio wrote in to remind us that TAR offers a form for this situation: Notice From Buyer’s Agent to Seller (TAR 1504). “This little form may come in handy when a situation like this occurs.”

Don’t mess with TAR

Have you been threatened by a frivolous patent-infringement lawsuit? In a recent TAR legal victory, the association successfully argued for the invalidation of a patent that had been used to sue Texas real estate brokerages. Linda Walker of Temple congratulated us on the win. “Thank you all at TAR for everything you do on our behalf, both in the forefront and behind the scenes,” she wrote. “Don’t mess with TAR,” wrote Jeff Kahn of San Antonio. Wanda Jean Deveraux, David Davis, Connie Felder, Dan Barrett, Bonnie Brown, and Elena Quiroz also chimed in to say job well done.

Who can use TREC forms?

Some members would prefer it if the Texas Real Estate Commission didn’t make its forms available to the public. “I don’t agree that these forms should be available to people without a license,” wrote Shirley Howard of Perryton. “Nothing is stopping people downloading the forms and filling them out for friends and neighbors.” Adriana Dwiggins of Harlingen agreed with Shirley: “TREC forms are always misused because … friends help friends.”