When you bring a dispute to the Texas REALTORS® arbitration process, you can be confident you will receive a fair hearing and judgment.

The strength of the arbitration process was affirmed in court recently when a lawsuit against Texas REALTORS® was dismissed.

A broker filed a request for arbitration over a commission dispute with another broker, says David Jones, Texas REALTORS® Deputy General Counsel and Director of Professional Standards. The filing broker prevailed in the initial arbitration hearing and subsequent appeal.

The other broker filed a lawsuit in district court to challenge the result. In a motion to dismiss, Texas REALTORS® argued that the court does not have any statutory grounds to vacate or modify the arbitration award and therefore does not have jurisdiction over the case. The judge agreed and granted the motion.

“Obviously we feel it was the right ruling. It shows that our process is a legitimate process. If you go through our arbitration process, the ruling will ultimately be upheld even if it is challenged in a court of law,” Jones says.

To learn more about the arbitration process, visit texasrealestate.com/arbitration.