The Texas Real Estate Commission met November 8. Here are highlights relevant to you:

Contract Updates Get Final Approval

The commission finalized changes that were approved on an emergency basis in August. These changes related to language in Paragraph 6 notifying parties that if the property is in a public improvement district, the seller must attach the statutory notice. The contracts were also changed to reflect the new addendum in Paragraph 22, Agreement of Parties. Finally, the changes remove the reference to TREC oversight of residential service companies, which are now overseen by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. All changes previously approved on an emergency basis have been in use and available to Texas REALTORS® since September.

Proposed Changes to Broker Education and Experience Requirements

Based on feedback from the Broker Responsibility Working Group, TREC is considering the following changes to the education and experience requirements to get a broker’s license:

  • Applicants must have at least one transaction per year in four of the past five years.
  • The experience points required to be earned by applicants is reduced from 3,600 to 360, along with corresponding reductions in the amount of points transactions are worth.
  • Listings and buyer or tenant representation agreements no longer qualify for points, and a brokerage team management or delegated supervisory position is worth 12 points per month instead of 20, with no maximum on the number of points allowed.

Copies of the proposed changes, including how to comment on the proposals, will be posted on the TREC website.

Continuing Education Change

The commission amended the rule that allows license holders to obtain CE credit for a course taken to fulfill a requirement of a professional designation, such as GRI. Though the rule no longer lists specific designation courses, license holders may still receive CE credit for such courses as long as the providers have approval for the course through the usual course-approval process.

Texas REALTORS® Members Appointed to Committees

Several Texas REALTORS® members were appointed to TREC’s Education Standards Advisory Committee. License holder members are Charles Porter, Kassie Locke, Julie Jackson, and Bob Baker (alternate). Educator members include Candy Cooke, Byron Underwood, and David Turnquist (alternate). The commission also confirmed Ruben Peña as a committee member. Congratulations to those Texas REALTORS® members volunteering to serve in these important roles!