Social media is great for building your brand and finding new leads. However, your activity could be driving prospects away and you may never know it. For example, you probably won’t hear from the people who see your social posts, take issue with them, and decide not to hire you. Therefore, when interacting on social media, consider the following do’s and don’ts:


  • Take the time to proofread before posting. While everyone makes mistakes, sloppy posts may give prospects the impression that you are also careless in your work as a real estate professional. Try loading a grammar app like Grammarly or Hemingway to help catch typos or other grammatical issues.
  • Be aware of your tone and how you may be coming across. While it is easy to get caught up in a discussion or debate, be respectful and positive so your true intentions are not misunderstood.
  • Make sure the content you share, even on your personal channels, aligns with your brand.
  • Ask permission before posting a customer’s picture or personal information.


  • Argue, criticize, or call names. You may not agree with someone or like something another business has posted, but lashing out will only make you look bad. Ask yourself if you would react the same way in person.
  • Make judgments about others’ motives. Instead, stick with the facts.
  • Get caught up in the drama. Step away and give yourself time before replying. After a break, you may decide responding is not worth it.
  • Assume that someone won’t look you up or share or retweet something you have said.


Remember that just because you’re using your personal account, it doesn’t mean it won’t affect your business. Always be mindful of others and the content you share to protect your reputation.