RPR (REALTORS® Property Resource) is a real estate data platform made exclusively for REALTORS® as part of your NAR membership. As the nation’s largest property database, RPR aggregates real estate data and helps you create robust reports. Here are a few ways to use RPR to impress prospects and clients.

Make a high-quality pre-listing package. Include an RPR Property Report along with your personal testimonials, sales history, resume, company profile, sample documents and contracts, marketing calendar, and related checklists. Have these documents professionally bound and printed before the listing appointment.

Prepare RPR reports before an open house. Offering custom Property Reports during the event helps position you as a professional, local real estate expert. With these reports and the RPR Mobile app, you’ll be able to easily answer questions about the property, the neighborhood, and the community. Use other information from RPR as conversation-starters to generate leads without coming on too strong.

Help relocating military families. When someone in the military gets re-stationed to a new city, there may be little time to look for housing. Create and share Neighborhood, School, and Market Activity Reports from RPR so the relocating family can get a feel for the housing market in the new location. They’ll remember your helpfulness when it’s time to list their property before they move or buy when they return to your community.

Help small-business owners. When a small-business owner is considering opening another location in a different neighborhood, create a Retail Gap Analysis report in RPR Commercial. It can show whether the market is saturated and find adjacent areas with potential.

Calculate home improvements with better data. When trying to gain a new listing, use RPR’s refinement tool to add various home improvements to provide a more accurate price recommendation.

These are just a few ways RPR can help you stand out from the crowd. Learn more about using RPR at blog.narrpr.com.