Buyers moving to your area for work can be ideal clients. They often have a sense of urgency about the process and are ready to buy. And some corporate relocations include company-covered costs.

Making relocating buyers a part of your business requires developing strategies for reaching people who live outside your market before their moving process begins. Here’s how to start.

Boast your relocation services online. List all the services you can provide that a relocating client might need, including:

  • Neighborhood information
  • Traffic and commute information
  • Knowledge of a variety of local service providers they may need before they arrive, such as movers, cleaners, or handymen.

Address how your experience can make the process less stressful and ease their transition into a new community. Don’t forget to make this information easy to find, with search engine optimization and links from your homepage or social profiles.

Create a guide for your city. People often start researching where they might be moving before the decision is finalized. You can reach them during this process by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of your city and community. Combine information about neighborhoods, schools, arts, food, entertainment, community institutions, and the local economy into one comprehensive guide. You can use this guide as a promotional piece on social media and on your website. Take cues from existing guides about your city and brainstorm ways to add more value for relocating homebuyers.

Cultivate corporate connections. Join your local chamber of commerce, attend local economic development meetings, or partner with a relocation company. Texas is home to many corporate offices and startups, and state and local officials are aggressive in courting new company offices and facilities. Use information about who’s hiring or moving to position yourself as a resource for new hires or employees who are relocating. Partnering with a relocation company can lead to steady business from larger corporate clients.