Where’s the best data?

Remember that MarketViewer, a market analytics portal available exclusively to members of Texas REALTORS®, gives you the most accurate data for markets across the state. You can define the area and get market statistics, reports, and infographics to share with clients and prospects. Access it at texasrealestate.com/marketviewer.

The lengthy seller’s market in Texas may have your clients expecting multiple offers the moment their property hits the MLS. If that’s not the current reality of your local market, here are five ways to manage sellers’ expectations and ensure that they have a chance to get the best offer.

Prepare the Property

Sellers may think anything will sell in their neighborhood, but unless they’re marketing the property as a teardown, they need to present the house in its best light. Professional staging may not be necessary, but employing basic staging principles can make a huge difference. Encourage sellers to declutter, depersonalize, and clean the property.

Help Find the Right Price

Your clients want the highest price, but an overpriced property may leave the property sitting. Let data be your guide when discussing price with your clients.

Explain the Market

What are the trends in their community? If you’ve seen days on market increase or other notable changes, let the sellers know in plain terms. You’re the expert, and they will find value in your knowledge.

Warn About the Wait

Appraisers are slammed. Other professionals in the transaction also may have scheduling challenges. Your sellers should be prepared for extended periods between contract and close, with the potential need for an extension depending on circumstances that arise.

Make Sure They’re Really Ready

Your clients may think they want an offer right now, but they may not be prepared. If they haven’t purchased another property, what are their plans? Have they factored in the lender delays many buyers are experiencing? Suggest that they finalize their next steps before you list the home.