Texas REALTORS® is continuing the association’s efforts to help Texans understand property taxes with a multi-year “You Deserve to Know” education campaign launching this summer.

The campaign targets members and consumers statewide through a website, infographics, videos, digital ads, and mailers.

Texas REALTORS® is also working with media professionals across the state to cover the issue for their communities and connect them with local REALTORS® as the best information sources. Please contact Jaime Lee, director of advocacy communications, at jlee@texasrealtors.com to be added to a media-contact list for your county.

The campaign’s goal is to educate Texans on “Property Taxes 101” and show property owners how to get engaged locally in the process that will determine their property tax bills.

New laws (such as REALTOR®-supported Senate Bill 2 from the 2019 legislative session) made public input and engagement more convenient and transparent. Now your state association is working to get the word out about these pro-taxpayer changes.

The association surveyed Texas property owners earlier this year as part of the campaign. Here are a few highlights of the results:

  • 60% of property owners say their property tax bill is too high
  • 87% agree property owners deserve to know more
  • 84% agree more transparency is needed
  • 60% of consumers haven’t attended a public meeting or provided feedback to their local governments … but they would be more likely to give feedback if it was convenient.
  • Top three reasons why not:
    1. Don’t have time
    2. Don’t know how
    3. Don’t think it would make a difference.
Visit knowyourtaxes.org to learn more.