Greetings, fellow Texas REALTORS®!

This month, we will not only celebrate the 100th annual Texas REALTORS® Conference, but we will do so virtually for the first time ever. While COVID-19 forced that decision, as often happens, we are finding tremendous opportunity and fun hidden within this concept. Notably, we usually host 1,500 to 2,500 members in person but are expecting thousands more to take advantage of this virtual format. Our centennial theme of #ShapingTexas will be punctuated throughout the conference with powerful examples of how our members have done just that. We will celebrate the diversity of the Lone Star State as well as that of our membership. We will demonstrate how we leverage that diversity to inject powerful, responsible influence in local, state, and national public policy. We will provide world-class educational opportunities, and we will virtually grab hands with our fellow members and reassure one another that professionalism, respect, and unity will win in the face of any enemy.

My personal message to you throughout this year has been, “With great influence comes even greater responsibility.” One of the most important things we will do at conference is install Marvin Jolly as your 2021 chairman of the board, along with the other members of his 2021 leadership line-up. While you, the members, chart the course of Texas REALTORS®, it is your leadership team, led by that chairman, to whom many critical decisions are delegated. That small group, and especially that one person, will often be the face of our beloved century-old organization. Usually, only a few hundred members and guests attend the black tie event, but this virtual event on August 31 will be an opportunity for all. Many of you know Marvin, but for those who don’t, this event will provide a great introduction to the selfless, pragmatic leadership style he has shared throughout his many years of service. From that event until December 1, when the actual transition from the 2020 team to the 2021 team takes place, the absolute genius of our governance system will be on full display. Regional vice presidents will begin the training and transition to their successors, PIC and PAC members will do the same, as will committee chairs. Each of the four elected senior leaders will begin the transition into their respective new roles. This ensures progression, not stagnation or disruption, for our members, and especially for the consumers we serve as we continue our mission of #ShapingTexas communities into the best they can be.

Behind the scenes, we are scrambling around the clock to create a virtual conference and centennial experience that will entertain, educate, and inspire you. The only ask we have of you is to join us. Block your calendars for the caucuses, where you will share your input on the morning of August 31, and the Installation of Officers that evening. September 1 begins with engaging education sessions, followed by an afternoon Opening Session with keynote speaker Trey Gowdy. Following the Opening Session will be the long awaited centennial celebration. September 2 offers another day of education along with the popular Governmental Affairs and Risk Reduction forums. Finally, set aside your lunch hour on September 3 for a powerful Closing Session with Stefan Swanepoel. If you are in an area and situation where you can safely share the experience with colleagues in small, socially distanced groups, do that. Enjoy it and make it festive. Let’s use this time to recharge and lift one another up by celebrating our resilience and ability to thrive under any circumstances. #ShapingTexas