Wait a Second ... Tik Tok Can Boost Business?

You may think TikTok is just for fun, but REALTORS® are using the popular social media app to promote themselves and grow their businesses. Learn what they’re doing and how you can get started.

Get to Know Carbon Contracts

Companies want to offset their carbon footprints by doing business with your farm & ranch clients. Carbon contracts can be an exciting new opportunity, but there are several legal and economic issues your clients must know before they get involved.

Who’s Selling Homes in Texas?

The more you know about your seller clients’ habits and preferences, the better you can help them achieve their goals. Get to know why they are selling, what they’re looking for, and what they want from you.

Ethics Complaints: Fairness Over Speed

People sometimes ask why the ethics complaint process takes so long. The Texas REALTORS® complaint procedures are designed to ensure all parties are treated fairly.