Learn How to Use This Powerful Real Estate Data Tool to Get Insights on Your Market and Share Information With Others.

Your prospects and clients crave data. They want to know prices per square foot, how quickly homes are selling, how many properties are on the market, and other statistics to help them make decisions about buying and selling real estate.

As a member of Texas REALTORS®, you get exclusive access to one of the most accurate, powerful real estate data tools available: MarketViewer. Using data from every MLS in the state, the Texas Real Estate Research Center computes comprehensive analytics covering thousands of geographic areas in Texas. Here are a few examples of the many ways you can use MarketViewer to get data for your real estate market.

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MarketViewer at a Glance

Where does the data come from?
Every MLS in Texas

What makes the data more accurate than other sources?

  • Advanced analytics to detect and correct MLS input errors
  • Elimination of duplicate listings entered into more than one MLS
  • Elimination of duplicate listings entered multiple times in the same MLS
  • Property data based on geolocation rather than typed-in addresses

What geographical areas are available?
State, city, MSA, county, ZIP code, school district, and many neighborhoods

Who can use MarketViewer?

  • Members of Texas REALTORS®
  • Local associations of REALTORS® in Texas

What data is available?
Median sales price, median price per square foot, median home size, total closed sales, closing price/listing price, total active listings, days on market, price distribution, pending sales, days to close, home size, and more. Data can be segmented for condos and townhomes as well.

When is data updated?
The 15th of each month for the prior month. For example, April data is available May 15.

What information is available other than residential sales?
Apartment rents and vacancy rates, new construction activity, and mortgage rates

MarketViewer supports advocacy efforts

Local associations of REALTORS® and members of Texas REALTORS® can use MarketViewer to support advocacy efforts when speaking with elected officials. Most data can be segmented by political districts, including city council districts, Texas House and Texas Senate districts, and U.S. congressional districts. Not only can these statistics help frame discussions about real estate activities related to governmental and political issues, but elected officials appreciate when REALTORS® provide data that applies directly to their constituency.