If real estate is your career, politics is your business.

Politics matter. I’m not referring to the issues we see on cable news or hear on talk radio. I’m talking about Texas real estate issues.

Each legislative year, thousands of Texas REALTORS® board buses from around the state—some even fly in—to convene in Austin for REALTOR® Day at the Texas Capitol. In previous years, REALTORS® literally circled the Statehouse waiting their turn to go in for meetings with their state representatives and senators. The goal is to make sure Texas property owners, buyers, sellers, and REALTORS® are protected and supported as new laws are written.

Our intent is the same as many other business groups and professional organizations that have opinions on legislation; however, the Texas REALTORS® presence is much, much bigger and more prominent, involving more than 3,000 people showing up at the Capitol in recent years.

This year was no different. And yet, this year was very different!

With limitations placed on large group gatherings and challenges with Capitol access, other business groups and organizations are hosting a single webinar or skipping legislative meetings altogether this year.

Texas REALTORS® meetings did not stop!

We worked with the offices of every single one of the 181 state representatives and senators—just like we do in any other session—though the meetings this year were virtual. Detailed planning and hard work by your Texas REALTORS® staff, your local association staff, and volunteer leaders at the state and local levels resulted in a well-orchestrated strategy to make your voice heard at the Capitol.

New challenges bring new solutions. The innovation developed this year will serve us well in the future as we are able to do more work in less time, involve more people with less travel, and make our case with elected officials even in challenging times.

The work of a REALTOR® never ends, and the work of Texas REALTORS® on your behalf doesn’t stop, either.

Texas is better when Texas REALTORS® and property owners are safe and successful.

The work changes. But the work never ends.

Politics is our business.