As the association celebrates its centennial and looks forward to the next 100 years of REALTORS® shaping Texas, test your knowledge of the organization’s history.

1. The first attempt to create an association of real estate professionals in Texas began in 1911 but dissolved during World War I. One focus of that association was to bring professionalism to the industry by ridding real estate of unscrupulous dealers known at the time by what term?

  1. Freestoners
  2. Curbstoners
  3. Zipflammers
  4. Whiplashers

2. What was the association’s name when it formed in 1920?

  1. Texas Real Gentlemen’s Association
  2. Realty Association of the Great State of Texas
  3. Texas Real Brokerage Association
  4. Texas Association of Real Estate Boards

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3. Which of the following took place during the association’s first convention in 1920 at the Gunter Hotel in San Antonio?

  1. Four of the delegates shot wild turkey, duck, venison, and quail, which hotel staff prepared for a banquet.
  2. The 89 delegates and their spouses had a swimming party in the San Antonio River.
  3. Delegates re-enacted the Battle of the Alamo.

4. One of the association’s first goals was to create a state licensing law for real estate professionals. How long did it take to realize that aim?

  1. 7 months
  2. 2 years
  3. 7 years
  4. 19 years

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5. When the association started in 1920, what percentage of its members were women?

  1. 0%
  2. 1%
  3. 12%
  4. 21%

6. What percentage of the association’s members are women now?

  1. 40%
  2. 50%
  3. 60%
  4. 70%

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7. Which of the following has not been an official publication of the association?

  1. The Texas Landsman
  2. The Landsman
  3. Texas Real Times
  4. The Texas REALTOR®

8. True or False? In the late 1940s, the Texas attorney general ruled that the Texas Real Estate Commission could not require license applicants to a pass a competency test.

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9. Which of the following has Texas REALTORS® played a significant role in creating? (Select all that apply)

  1. A real estate license law
  2. The Texas Real Estate Commission
  3. The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M
  4. TREC’s Broker-Lawyer Committee
  5. Standardized real estate contracts
  6. Home equity legislation with homeowner protections
  7. Eminent domain laws limiting government overreach
  8. An exemption for real estate brokerages from the DTPA
  9. A commercial lien law to help collect commissions
  10. A constitutional ban on most real estate transfer taxes
  11. Minimum requirements brokers must provide clients

10. In what year did the association first offer a Caribbean cruise with real estate courses offered onboard?

  1. 1950
  2. 1960
  3. 1970
  4. 1980

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11. Which of the following designations and programs has Texas REALTORS® created? (Select all that apply)

  1. Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program
  2. Texas Minimum Services Broker
  3. Texas Residential Property Manager
  4. Texas Residential Leasing Specialist
  5. Texas Affordable Housing Specialist

12. TREPAC reported $17,250 in contributions from 923 investors in 1972. How much did members invest in TREPAC last year?

  1. $575,000
  2. $1.2 million
  3. $3.8 million
  4. $5.7 million

View Videos of the Association’s History

Watch a mini-documentary of the first 100 years of REALTORS® in Texas, plus see videos of past chairmen discussing important association achievements and milestones.

13. Which of these Texas REALTORS® committees is the newest?

  1. Texas REALTORS® Commercial
  2. Diversity
  3. MLS & Technology
  4. Texas Young Professionals Network

14. True or False? The Legal Hotline started in the 1970s with a limit of one call per month per member.

15. Which three of these options are the association’s pillars?

  1. Resources & Tools
  2. Strength
  3. Advocacy
  4. Flexibility
  5. Professionalism

Answers: 1) b. The Houston Post described curbstoners as “…men who make it a business of laying for suckers.” 2) d. 3) a. 4) d. 5) a. 6) d. 7) c. 8) True. In 1955, though, Texas REALTORS® persuaded the state Legislature to pass a bill authorizing the commission to require an exam and a surety bond. 9) All of these and many, many more. 10) b. The next Texas REALTORS® International Cruise sets sail January 13, 2021. 11) a, c, d, e. 12) d. 48% of members invested in TREPAC. 13) b. 14) False. The Legal Hotline launched in 1993. Designated REALTORS® could make unlimited calls to the hotline. In 2009, the hotline was opened up to all REALTORS®. 15) a, c, e.