Apps and devices promise to make our lives easier, better, and more efficient, but are you getting the most out of your technology?

Make time to learn what your tools can do.

Simply exploring all the settings on your phone can reveal features you didn’t know it offered. Could you use a level, a measuring device, larger text, or dictation? Many other devices and apps also offer a tour of features or a list of tips.

Create shortcuts for repetitive tasks.

When you find yourself repeatedly sending the same text message, going through a consistent routine in an app, or otherwise taking the same steps over and over, explore if the device or app provides a way to automate that task.

Ask others for their most useful tech tips.

Your colleagues and friends use many of the same tools you do. Even simple actions you weren’t aware of—like how to move or delete an item with one swipe rather than three taps—can make your tech life easier.

Find online training.

You can find free online tutorials from the companies that make your devices and applications, such as Microsoft, Adobe, and Apple. A quick internet search also often turns up dozens of videos and instructions from people happy to share their knowledge.

Perform your own tech help.

When your apps or devices aren’t working properly, chances are that others have faced—and solved—the same issues. Before calling an expert, try a search with keywords pertaining to your issue. You may be able to solve it yourself.